They say that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, and that holds especially true when it comes to your vehicle’s battery. Every time that we get into our vehicles we expect them to work exactly the same way as when we first purchased them, but batteries that are not properly maintained can ensure that vehicles do not work as expected.

Since nobody appreciates a car that won’t start, consider being more mindful of the types of things that can drain a Land Rover Peabody vehicle’s battery more quickly.

For example, short drives can wear out a battery. It’s those longer drives that allow a vehicle’s alternator to recharge the battery completely. While we don’t recommend driving around just for the sake of driving around, know that using your Range Rover for nothing but quick short errands will, in fact, wear out your battery more quickly.

Using the battery for things like heat or charging your phone or running the infotainment system while the vehicle is idling can be harmful to your battery’s life, too. If you need to use those features, consider just leaving the car running so the battery isn’t as affected.

You actually can clean the corrosion off of our battery terminals yourself. That corrosion can ruin a battery, so mix some water and baking soda together in a cup then dip a toothbrush in the mixture to scrub away the corrosion. When you’re done, dry everything completely, reapply the battery sensors, and you will have extended the life of your car battery.

It isn’t much to ask Range Rover drivers in and around Peabody, MA to do these things, especially since it will help them get more life out of their batteries. Why not help prevent your vehicle from being the one that refuses to start?