Every month, we get a customer in our building here at Land Rover Peabody excited to let us know that they always have dreamed of owning a new Range Rover. Many have saved for quite some time, or slowly moved up at work over the years until they finally could afford one of these prestigious luxury SUVs, and it never stops being satisfying to watch these people take home their dream vehicles.

Of course, one way those people could have gotten their Land Rover Discovery Sport or Range Rover models a little more quickly would have been to purchase a pre-owned or certified pre-owned one instead of one that was brand new. The financial advantages of buying a pre-owned model are manifold, but in the case of the vehicles one finds at a Land Rover dealership, the savings can amount to thousands of dollars, to say nothing of the lower registration and insurance costs.

See, a vehicle loses about a quarter of its value in the first year alone, and those buying models that are three to five years old can save even more money.

Not only that, but certified pre-owned models come with extended warranties that cover a lot of the things customers worry about when they purchase a model that hasn’t just rolled off of the assembly line. We stand behind every Land Rover vehicle we sell, and these warranties prove that.

If you would like to get a closer look at our pre-owned inventory, just come pay us a visit here at Land Rover Peabody and we will be happy to help you get a head start on some of the most impressive automotive values you can get this holiday season!