Finding a vehicle these days that meets all of your needs can be hard, but now automakers are rethinking the ways in which they make cars. Standard gasoline engines have been the norm for nearly a century, but drivers and automakers are starting to see the benefits of diesel-fueled engines, and we here at Land Rover of Peabody are excited to tell you all about the exciting new things Land Rover automaker is doing with diesel engines.

Having a diesel-powered car comes with a wide range of benefits of which all drivers should be aware. One of the most striking benefits is its ability to save fuel on a large scale. In fact, according to some experts, diesel has the ability to improve gas mileage by 20 percent or even more! With modern day improvements in diesel engine technology, the possibilities are endless. Looking for a heavy-duty towing truck? A diesel powered engine may be your best bet considering that diesel-powered engines have the ability to improve towing capabilities.

One of Land Rover automaker’s most iconic lines, the Range Rover, is now available in diesel, which is important to drivers for a few reasons. In addition to boasting incredible power, which the V6 supercharged engine certainly does, the Range Rover also offers improved fuel efficiency, saving you money and time.

Stop by Land Rover of Peabody today and see for yourself why we love diesel. While you’re here, feel free to explore our vast inventory of pre-owned and new Land Rover brand vehicles. Drivers will appreciate our wide selection and numerous choices, many of which come with diesel powered engines. We hope to see you soon!