When Land Rover originally introduced the Land Rover Discovery, it was meant to be a different sort of Land Rover automobile. So many of the vehicles in the range at the time were built to be large SUVs, sort of the SUV equivalent of a pickup truck but with a whole lot more luxury. The Land Rover Discovery, on the other hand, was meant to be a little smoother, sleeker vehicle. The latest iteration of the SUV, available here at Land Rover Peabody, accomplishes this better than ever before, as the model has undergone a generational refresh to make it an improved version of itself.

The fifth-generation Land Rover Discovery looks different even at first glance this year, with a roof that features a more dramatic sloping line and a rear window that has been redesigned as well. These updates have created a slightly larger opening for loading and unloading cargo, which is nice, but perhaps the fanciest new aesthetic flourish is the new rear spoiler.

Beyond the redesign, though, there are a handful of really nice technological upgrades in the new SUV, too. First, there’s a gesture-controlled liftgate that will open automatically for the drivers, while similar buttons also control the suspension, a fold-down panel and even the position of the third-row seats. The advanced safety features also are nice, but what reviewers seem to have enjoyed the most is the nearly silent V6 engine under the hood. Even with all of its power and performance, the vehicle practically purrs.

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