It’s hard to believe, but when the Range Rover was first sold, it only had two doors. However, no two-door Range Rover has been produced by the automaker since 1994, which has been perfectly fine for  customers in and around Andover, MA, even if others long for those early days when the SUVs offered a different aesthetic and functionality.

The good news for these people wondering, “When will a two-door Range Rover come to a Land Rover dealership near me?” are going to get an answer they will love. At the Geneva Motor Show next month, Land Rover will debut the Range Rover SV Coupe, a limited-edition vehicle that will produce only 999 units to be hand-built by the automaker’s SVO unit in the UK.

“The Range Rover SV Coupe is a highly compelling design with peerless refinement and uncompromised sophistication from its breathtaking exterior proportions to its sumptuous, beautifully appointed interior. This is a vehicle that will resonate on an emotional level,” said Gerry McGovern, Land Rover chief design officer, in a statement.

With the statement came a lovely teaser image, which provides a bird’s eye view of the vehicle’s interior, including gorgeous leather chairs that actually are not the same color in the front and rear. The white-and-blue color scheme coordinates with the lovely custom wood finishes beautifully, doing more than enough to drum up excitement here at Land Rover Peabody about its eventual release.

Obviously, this limited production model will be in high demand, but if you have any questions about it or any of our other Land Rover models, just give us a call or stop by anytime so we can figure out how to outfit you in some of the most lavish SUVs that money can buy.