Land Rover Peabody is the dealership to visit when you’re searching for a reliable Land Rover dealership. Our knowledgeable and seasoned Land Rover experts are well-versed in all things related to Land Rover vehicles. You can also lean on our team for assistance if you’re trying to decide between leasing or buying a new Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Benefits of Leasing
Leasing usually offers a saving opportunity over buying a vehicle — both upfront and down the line on a monthly basis. Another plus is variety. If you get that new-car itch every few years, then leasing could be a great way to scratch it. Lease terms often last about three years or so. Once your lease is over, you can start a new lease on a brand-new model you love. This cuts down on acquisition and transition time from one car to another. You also save yourself the financial and time investment associated with selling a vehicle on your own when you want to obtain a new vehicle.

Benefits of Buying
Of course, leasing cannot offer equity-building and pride of ownership. These are benefits exclusive to car ownership. Other advantages of buying a vehicle include the freedom to drive as much as you please and to make a vehicle your own. Unlike most lease agreements, as a car owner, you won’t have to contend with low-mileage restrictions or rules about not modifying your vehicle with parts and accessories. Even if you don’t drive a lot but you appreciate flexibility, buying and financing your next Land Rover vehicle could still be preferable.

Whatever you’re looking for, the experts at our Land Rover finance center can help you sort through the benefits and drawbacks of both leasing and buying. We look forward to working with you to find the right vehicle purchasing plan for you.