The changing of the seasons is the perfect opportunity to get your Land Rover SUV back into top condition. And it just so happens that April is National Car Care Month, which we are celebrating here at Land Rover Peabody. Winter can take its toll on your vehicle, with road salt, snow, and ice all taking a toll on the health of your Land Rover SUV. One of the best ways to celebrate National Car Care Month is by scheduling an appointment with our Land Rover service center.

Spring Land Rover Service

After a season of harsh weather and cold temperatures, your Land Rover SUV is likely in need of some care. Here are some things that our expert Land Rover mechanics will look at during your National Car Care Month spring service appointment:

  • Oil and filter changes: Fresh oil keeps your car running smoothly and efficiently. If it’s too old, your oil accumulates sludge and fails to lubricate the moving parts in the engine.
  • Battery test: The cold temperatures of winter can wreak havoc on a car battery. There’s a chance that a hot day can prevent your battery from working properly, so make sure that you have your battery’s health checked.
  • Tire check: Temperature fluctuations can cause your tire pressure to rapidly change. During your spring appointment, we will check the tire pressure as well as the tread depth.
  • Wiper blades and fluid: Snow and ice can be tough on your windshield wiper blades. Make sure they’re ready for spring rains by getting them replaced.

Schedule your Land Rover service appointment today at Land Rover Peabody.