Whether you’re a new motorist or you’ve been driving for years or decades, it can be an intimidating experience when you encounter a road hazard. No matter how alarming it might be, coming across a threat of some sort is almost inevitable.

When drivers visit our Peabody, MA Land Rover dealership, some comment on the frightening things they’ve encountered on the road. While you may take it for granted that you’ll see debris along the side of the road, things can change when there’s an obstacle in your path.

Debris isn’t limited to things like soda cans. A desk may fall out of a moving van or a piece of equipment may slide off a construction vehicle. If you see large debris ahead, slow down and change lanes so you can drive around it safely.

Rubbish isn’t the only hazard you may experience on the road. You also have to worry about reckless drivers. Here are some examples of reckless motorists:

  • Impaired drivers
  • Motorists who weave between cars and/or lanes with or without warning
  • Drivers who text while operating their cars
  • Motorists who drive too fast or go too slow

If you see someone driving recklessly, slow down and let the person pass you. Maintain a considerable distance between your car and the careless driver’s vehicle.

Traffic lights that are malfunctioning or not working are a hazard for everyone on the road. If you’re approaching a dysfunctional traffic light, prepare to stop in case another driver might go straight through the light without coming to a stop. Follow the rules of the road and let the stopped driver to your right proceed before you go through the light.

Cyclists, construction zones, inclement weather—the list of potential road hazards is nearly endless. To learn how to navigate through even more dangerous situations, contact Land Rover Peabody now.