Here at Land Rover of Peabody, your trusted and Rover dealer, we understand that keeping up with an ever-changing world is not only a necessity but also a responsibility. From constantly evolving safety features to new and improved comfort technologies, the automobile industry changes from year to year, which is why we believe that keeping up with these changes is so important. Luckily, Land Rover is consistently an innovator in this field.

Safety is always a top priority for any drivers, and luckily Land Rover utilizes new technology to keep both drivers and passengers safe. For instance, the new 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport comes equipped with a full suite of updated safety technologies. A driver condition monitor scans and checks driver inputs, which then allows the vehicle to alert the driver when drowsiness is detected. Driving while sleepy is a major safety hazard, but until now, vehicles themselves had no way of preventing this danger. Of course, speeding is also a constant hazard, which is why Land Rover implemented Intelligent Speed Limiter, which monitors speed limit signs and alerts the driver to speed up or slow down.

Additionally, Land Rover  will be implementing a Dynamic Design Pack, which will introduce a 10.2 inch touchscreen as well as a wider range of connected apps. It also processes at a much faster pace, pleasing everyone from tech-savvy drivers to family drivers.

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