Myths perpetuate themselves across all industries, including automotive. Many have come and gone, but some remain, even lurking amongst a premium luxury car brand like Land Rover USA. Here are some of the most resilient.

Myth: Wait until the end of the month to buy a car.

Fact: The only way this myth would hold water is if a) a car dealership has a monthly sales target they haven’t yet hit, and b) they have the exact car you want in stock (right color, options, trim, etc.). It’s uncommon but not impossible, so it’s best to operate with the idea that any time of the month is a good time to shop at our local Land Rover dealership.

Myth: If you’re trading in your current car, don’t tell the dealer until the last minute.

Fact: Also known as “parachuting the trade”, this is a really bad idea. Since your trade-in is an important part of the negotiation process, it’s nonsensical to keep it a secret. In fact, doing so necessitates revisiting the deal as a whole, which could add a couple more hours to negotiations.

Myth: Special ordering a vehicle costs too much money.

Fact: Actually, if you don’t mind waiting for your Land Rover SUV to arrive, special ordering a model like a 2018 Range Rover Velar near Andover, MA is a great idea. This way, you can personalize the vehicle and be assured of getting exactly what you want.

Stop by our Land Rover dealership serving Peabody, MA so we can work to get you the best deal! We’ll see you soon!