Winter will be here before you know it in Peabody, MA area. Are you and your Land Rover SUV ready for the cold? Run through this checklist to make sure your vehicle is in good shape for the coldest months of the year.

How to Winterize Your Land Rover Velar

As temperatures drop, you’re probably already prepping your home for the winter months. Along with pulling out winter gear and ensuring your home’s furnace has been serviced, your vehicle should also be given some attention. Winterizing your Land Rover Velar helps ensure that it’s in healthy condition and prepared for all the challenges of the winter elements.

Some basic winter preparation tips for your vehicle include:

  • Replacing your tires with a set of winter tires for better traction in snow and ice
  • Replacing your windshield wipers with heavier-duty winter wipers
  • Keeping fluids topped off in your vehicle

During the winter months, you’ll also want to take these precautions:

  • Regularly monitor tire pressure
  • Always have at least a half a tank of gas at all times
  • Keep a first aid kit in your vehicle and stock your trunk with emergency supplies

Schedule a Pre-winter Service Appointment

Our Land Rover technicians can help with many aspects of winterizing your vehicle. It’s wise to bring your vehicle in for a pre-winter service visit so we can make sure everything is in great condition.

When you visit our Land Rover service center, our team can assist with winter tire and windshield wiper replacements and installations. We can also assist with some important seasonal maintenance checks like the following:

  • Battery checks
  • Brakes Inspection
  • Heating system check
  • Belts, spark plugs, and hoses

You still have time to winterize your vehicle. Schedule your appointment today at Land Rover Peabody.