If you’ve been driving long enough, the odds are good that you’ve had to contend with a dead battery at some point. It’s funny how a car battery never dies on a day when you have nothing to do. Instead, they die on the days when you don’t have a minute to spare.

No one wants to get stuck in a parking lot or their own driveway. To prevent either of those things from happening, you can do a few things to preserve the life of your vehicle’s battery. As your local Land Rover dealers serving Reading, MA and nearby areas, we advise you to protect your battery from excessive heat. Heat is a true battery killer. Parking in a garage or a shaded parking spot can protect your battery from extreme heat and prolong its useful life.

If you use your battery when your engine isn’t running, it can cause your battery to fail prematurely. When you want to listen to the radio or turn the A/C on, turn your engine on to avoid draining all the juice out of your battery.

When a battery sits too long between uses, it will lose its charge. To avoid that, you should drive your car often. Driving a short distance isn’t enough because it won’t give your alternator enough time to recharge your battery. To fully charge your battery, plan to drive 30-60 minutes at 1,000 RPMs or more on a regular basis.

While it won’t extend your battery’s life, it’s still a good idea to have your battery tested at least once per year to see how much life it has left. To have your battery tested, bring your vehicle into our Land Rover Peabody, MA service center. For more advice about preserving your battery’s life, visit our Land Rover dealership or contact Land Rover Peabody now.