If you’ve recently purchased or you’re thinking about buying the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque at Land Rover Peabody, we’re excited for you. It’s a thrilling vehicle to own, and since you want it to stay that way, routine maintenance is a must. These preventative checks can keep your Range Rover SUV in tip-top shape and alert you to signs that your tires may need to be replaced.

Signs Your Range Rover Evoque Needs New Tires

Each component of your Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is critical to the overall performance of your vehicle. All parts work together to create the machine you enjoy and trust during daily commutes and road trips. Tires are one of the more front-and-center car components we notice on vehicles, and that’s for good reason. We count on them to keep our vehicles moving.

You can get ahead of more serious tire issues by keeping an eye out for these telltale signs of wear. If you experience any of these warning signs, visit our Land Rover service center for an expert opinion.

  • Loud noises: If your tires squeal or make other unusual noises, it’s time for a closer look.
  • Rough riding/driving experience: Tires that are on their way out will create an overall rough feel on the road. If you start to feel every bump in the road, you may need a replacement set.
  • Inflation issues: If you notice your Range Rover Velar tires struggle to maintain proper inflation, you may be dealing with a leaking issue or tires that are ready to retire.
  • Visual damage: Any obvious gauges, tears, and other signs of damage require a closer look by one of our Land Rover service experts. Don’t take the risk of a small blemish turning into a road hazard.

Tire lifespan varies depending on the type of vehicle and driving style, but these signs are strong indicators that a replacement is necessary. When in doubt, consult our seasoned Land Rover technicians in Peabody, MA.