Contrary to what many people think, a service center and a collision center are actually two entirely different things. How do they differ? Let’s take a look.

If your Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover Velar near Peabody, MA needs regular maintenance, that’s when our nearby Land Rover service center is the right choice. Our knowledgeable technicians take care of everything your luxury SUV needs to keep running its best: tire rotation, oil change, air/oil filter replacement, a new battery, you name it.

When speaking of Land Rover service, it isn’t just regular maintenance that our service department offers. Using the latest diagnostic equipment, we undertake a comprehensive review of your automobile, checking its electronics and its mechanical systems. If we find an area that needs addressing, we’ll take care of it promptly. This includes basic steps like new brakes, as well as complex procedures involving your car’s engine or drivetrain.

One service not provided by our local Land Rover dealers serving Newton, MA relates to body repairs, i.e. those sustained in an accident. Such repairs are the exclusive domain of a collision center, wherein you’ll find a highly trained team that uses the latest tools and technology to return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

After an accident, it’s likely that your insurance company will have a preferred collision center or two in mind. This indicates that the collision center is capable and reliable, and has the expertise to do what needs to be done so your car can once again be driven safely.

Consider a service center and a collision center as two sides of the same coin: both entities exist to keep your Land Rover Discovery Sport or Land Rover Evoque looking good, running well, and performing like a world-class Land Rover vehicle should!