The perks to owning a Land Rover SUV are truly limitless. Capable. Powerful. Rugged. Refined. Safe. Versatile. Innovative. And, when you are considering a pre-owned Land Rover from Land Rover Peabody, you get all of these benefits, plus the perks of buying a pre-owned vehicle too.

More Affordable

Luxury vehicles are undoubtedly a major purchase. However, when you purchase a pre-owned model, you can save substantially. More affordable vehicles typically have more affordable additional costs too. This is because a lot of added costs for a vehicle, such as auto insurance and registration, are dependent on the vehicle’s total value.

More Options

When you are shopping for a new vehicle with a limited budget, there are only so many choices available. However, when you are shopping for a pre-owned model, there could very likely be more options than you could even look at. This helps you get the exact model and trim level you want, as well as all the feature and amenities you don’t want to do without.

Less Depreciation

New vehicles can depreciate up to 20 percent in the first year alone, starting the moment you drive them off the lot. In fact, after five years, many vehicles are only worth half of what you bought them for. Luckily, if you purchase a pre-owned model, you’ll avoid a large chunk of that depreciation. This can help you avoid becoming upside down in your auto loan (owning more on your vehicle than it is worth).

Think a pre-owned Land Rover SUV is for you? We have an extensive inventory for you to peruse. Don’t see the model you’re wanting? Reach out to our Land Rover dealership in Peabody, MA, we’re happy to find it for you!