Drivers today have so many options to choose from that finding the vehicle that has exactly what you need can be challenging. Here at Land Rover Peabody, your trusted Land Rover Massachusetts dealership, we work hard to make sure that our drivers have all of the information they need to make the best possible choice, which means knowing about drivetrains.

There are several drivetrains to consider, each with their own unique benefits and shortfalls. For starters, drivers should be aware that there are a few basic drivetrain types which include front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, and all-wheel drive, which can be shortened to AWD. While many vehicles are still made with either front or rear wheel drive, Land Rover brand vehicles tend to favor AWD thanks to its impressive traction.

While each drivetrain has a specific purpose, we at Land Rover Peabody love the AWD for its versatility and ability to navigate several types of terrain. The 2017 Range Rover, uses AWD to balance its power and off-roading capabilities. The Land Rover brand itself has a reputation for navigating difficult terrain, and AWD allows the Range Rover to do just that. Rain or snow, the AWD drivetrain is particularly well suited to inclement weather. Whether you are planning on driving off-road or simply need a reliable vehicle to get you from one place to another, the Land Rover brand and AWD may be the right choice.

For more information, stop by our dealership today! While you are here, be sure to explore the many new and pre-owned vehicles in our inventory. Have any questions? Feel free to ask our highly trained staff members. We hope to see you soon!