When buying a new premium automobile, it is perfectly fair to wonder whether that vehicle should be filled with premium gas. After all, nobody wants to spend good money on an ultra-lavish SUV only to turn around and treat it like a much less luxurious automobile. Determining which fuel to use, however, has little to nothing to do with how plush a certain Range Rover model may be. Rather, Land Rover Peabody customers often are surprised to learn that many models need only the regular unleaded fuel, which just so happens to be the most affordable option available at most gas pumps.

Each of the three fuel options at a gas pump is marked by its Minimum Octane Rating, a number which signifies the fuel’s resistance to knocking or pinging in an engine. Several of our vehicles are designed to run on fuels with a Minimum Octane Rating of 87. Some models featuring turbocharged or supercharged engines may burn fuel a little more quickly and therefore requires the higher rating, but an owner of a Land Rover in Massachusetts will be pleased to know they can save their money at the pump.

Of course, it always is best just to check your driver handbook to see what kind of fuel your specific automobile needs. While using a fuel with a higher Minimum Octane Rating won’t hurt anything, it also would be a big waste of money to spend money on something with zero advantages. On the other hand, using a lower-rated fuel could cause some big problems in your engine.

If all else fails, just give us a call here at Land Rover Peabody and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about fuel in your Land Rover automobile.